Qwynn is fascinated about our world, how it looks, how it acts, and the space people occupy within it. Color (colour), light and pattern intrigue her and she has made it her quest, since the age  of 6, to explore these qualities in her art.

As a full time artist, Qwynn has explored and enjoyed all forms of art and the expression of art through as many genres as possible. As an adjunct instructor in CCS during the late 80s and early 90s Qwynn impressed upon her students the importance of looking at all creative disciplines as being interrelated. She emphasized and the importance of being an adventurer and explorer of as many genres as possible.

In 2014 Qwynn received a Master’s in Design History and Material Culture from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin.  The driving force in her work since then has become focused on the synthesis of art, science, design and technology. Qwynn says of her work, “I continue to explore how integration of these disciplines relate on a global economic sphere within our design history and current material culture. I am further intrigued at how a wider global economy has  been a driving force in art, throughout the centuries. ”

Qwynn views  art as ubiquitous in our material culture. She finds it especially fascinating as we face new design challenges, modes of thought and cultural challenges both on this planet and beyond.

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